Basic Bible Outlines – Textbook


Basic Bible Outlines
Each Bible Book Outlined for Easy Reference
By George L. Faull, Rel. D.

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Before one begins to study the Scriptures, he should know something about the book. The following
diagram will help the student become oriented with the book.
When Studying the Bible, Keep in Mind the Bible’s:
I. Origin
The Bible is not just one book. It is a library of books collected together on the subject written by
forty authors over a fifteen-hundred-year span of time. The Bible claims to be of divine origin.
Although these sixty-six books are distinct and unique, these sixty-six books make up a whole
which is unified into one complete revelation.
II. Outline
The Bible is divided into two main divisions: The Old Testament and the New Testament. The
former is the sacred writings of the Hebrews and the latter is the sacred writings of the Christian
Church. The Old Testament is said to be the New Testament concealed while the New Testament
is the Old Testament revealed. Both the Old Testament and New Testament are divided into three
main kind of writings. Namely, Historic, Didactic, and Predictive. Great care must be given to
decide if it is a historic book, teaching book, or a book of prediction.
III. Oriental Background
The Bible’s events were mostly a history of the people of God in the oriental countries. Canaan is
the main country, Jerusalem, the main city. The Bible was written in three languages in fifteen
countries on three continents covering four-thousand, one hundred years. The customs, words,
maxims, habits, clothing, and idioms must be remembered to be Eastern. A study of the times,
customs, and practices of the people mentioned is very enjoyable and throws much light on the
meaning of the Scriptures.
IV. Original Language
Remember that the Bible was not written in the English language. The Old Testament was written
in Hebrew and Aramaic while the New Testament was written in Greek. Your Bible is a translation
of an original language. The translation is not free from error and looking up the original meaning
of words is a fascinating and informative and sometimes necessary endeavor.
V. Objective
The Old Testament looked for one to come to redeem man. The New Testament presents that
one is Jesus Christ. The Law section of the Old Testament looked for a perfect priest, the historic
section looked for a perfect King, the prophets for a perfect prophet. Jesus Christ is presented in
the New Testament as a Perfect Prophet, Priest, and King. The Bible is not understandable unless
one sees Jesus Christ as He which was to come and the One who has just come as was promised.
He is the center of the Bible just as He is the center of the history of the world.

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