New Testament Leadership Gifts and Their Purpose Booklet


A. What follows here is primarily focused on the gifts of leadership in the New
Testament and their purpose.
B. But to be thorough, let me discuss briefly, by way of introduction, the various
Biblical gifts in the New Testament.
C. Before I begin, I want to say that a great deal of what I am about to share with you
is what I learned from Dean Mills.
1. I am convinced that he had a real handle on this topic from top to bottom.
2. I have added many of my own insights and thoughts, especially on our main
3. However, I have built on the foundation that he laid so very well.
4. Not everyone agrees with the analysis that I am about to present, but I believe
it is the most logical, clear, and correct one.
II. Types of Biblical Gifts
A. There are three types or categories of gifts listed in the New Testamen

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New Testament Leadership
Gifts and Their Purpose.

By Terry Carter
Summit Theological Seminary
2766 W. Airport Road – Peru, IN 46970
765-472-4111 / www.summit1.org

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