Failure of a Generation – Numbers Ch. 1-14 Amazon Paperback Book


This book contains 20 lessons on the first 14 Chapters of Numbers. They are not exhaustive and do not cover every verse. However, they do show the utter failure of the generation of Israelite’s who were delivered from Egyptian bondage.  Paperback book on Amazon can be purchased at https://www.amazon.com/Failure-Generation-Numbers-Chapters-1-14/dp/B0B2TW6VNT

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The first 14 chapters covered the failure of the “old” generation that had left Egypt. In that
sense, chapter 14 was the main turning point of the book. Their failure in that chapter
determined the fate of that generation. They were to wander and die in the wilderness rather than
entering the Promised Land of Canaan. They went from anticipating the land flowing with milk
and honey to being condemned to wander in a wilderness.
Another turning point in the book was the death of Aaron. His death is recorded in Chapter 20.
The death of Miriam was recorded earlier in that chapter, as well. However, it was not until
Chapter 33 that we were informed that he died in the 40th year after they had left Egypt, Num.
33:38. This meant that wandering period ended with Chapter 20. Thus, the death of Aaron
marked the end of the old generation and the beginning of the new one. This is why I refer to the
book as, “A Tale of Two Generations”.


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