Path to Productive Christian Living: as taught by Jesus at the Sermon on the Mount Paperback Book


Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount is the most challenging message ever given. Not a dissertation about a system of beliefs or religious ceremonies, this dynamic explanation of what it means to be a true and faithful follower of Jesus explodes with surprises. Christians discover that it knocks us down, lifts us up, discourages us, encourages us, corrects us, challenges us, guides us, inspires us and makes us take a serious, in-depth look at who we are and the way we live. These words from the Lord Jesus Christ show His devoted followers what kind of persons they need to be at their core. He further explains how, as a committed Christian, to face every situation in life. The result of this spiritual stimulation? Jesus provides unerring guidance for those servants of God who want to walk THE PATH TO PRODUCTIVE CHRISTIAN LIVING. The author shows the complete unity of the Sermon on the Mount as it describes the character and lifestyle of Jesus’ disciple. He demonstrates the manner in which the Beatitudes serve as the foundation for the rest of Christ’s message, and how that message serves as the foundation for the rest of New Testament teaching. His practical application of the Sermon to everyday life situations provides a guidebook for any believer desiring to travel THE PATH TO PRODUCTIVE CHRISTIAN LIVING.

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